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DiMartino & Associates, Inc., is an independent firm, dedicated to assisting our individual and business clients in achieving their goals and priorities. It’s important to know that, because we are independent, we are free to find the financial products that fit each client’s needs, and are not influenced by sales quotas or the requirement to use a specific company’s product portfolio.

Our goal is simple:
to make the client’s priorities, our priorities, and to assist each client in meeting or exceeding their expectations of us.

What you can expect – our process:

  1. Discuss your current situation, your goals and your priorities
  2. Perform an analysis and research for solutions and suggestions
  3. Meet with you to discuss our recommendations and revise to incorporate your ideas that arise out of this conversation.
  4. Set a schedule for implementation and begin to implement
  5. Keep in touch with you and periodically meet and continue to provide you with current information and events that may be of interest to you
  6. Remember, even though this is our process, you are in charge; this is your life and at no time will you be pressured.

Whatever your goals, we can help you get there

We work with generations of clients - senior parents, families, grown-up children - in providing a continuity and an awareness of potential ways to build financial wealth and stability.

We also work with small businesses and act as a resource in providing information and the means to develop company benefit programs, including, but not limited to, health, life, dental, long term care and disability insurance, 401(k)s,
403(b)s, Simple IRA's, SEP IRA's, Executive Compensation Programs, whatever programs are best suited to the financials of each company.

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